Le Grind

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Artist bio

Let’s cut the crap – who doesn’t want to hear about stories from Studio 54?

Debut single from Le Grind I Was There (Where Were You?), gets you inside the club; the club that no matter how much you’d dolled yourself up, you’d never have gotten in to.

Formed on the sticky dancefloor of a far-less exotic nightclub in Queens, Le Grind chanced upon each other whilst collectively singing along to a Prince record. Reyna’s booming pipes soared above the PA and naturally drew in Gareth (songwriting/instrumentation/production) and Boo (drums/production). Quickly becoming friends the trio decided to record together back in London, and gave birth to the dysfunctional progeny that is I Was There (Where Were You?); proof that disco definitely does not suck.

Drag queens, Andy Warhol, Freddie Mercury, Liza Minnelli, Rock Hudson, the fabulous, and the misfits – Le Grind have kicked open the famous 54 doors. And you’re on the guestlist. What the hell are you waiting for?

- Gareth – backing vox/songwriter/producer
- Reyna – lead vox
- Boo – drums/producer

“…stomping new track” – Beige magazine
“…surreal brand of absurd disco kitsch” – QX magazine

www.twitter.com/dolegrind Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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