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There are three bands/artists that go by the name Sour, one Japanese, one American and one Romanian. For the American please fix your tags to SöuR!!!

Sour is a 3-piece band formed in the spring of 2002 in Japan. Members are hoshijima (GUITAR/VOICE) of French birth and British growth, Sohey (BASS/UPRIGHT BASS) of Ginza birth and Ginza growth, and KENNNNN (DRUMS/TOYS) of German birth and Spanish growth. They describe their sound as "organic, urban, tight, mellow, sharpened, and totally comfortable". They have four releases so far:

1. for my incongruity (2006/12/30)
2. rainbow under the overpass (2007/05/09)
3. EVERY UNDONE DAWN (2008/04/16)
4. WATER FLAVOR EP (2009/06/17)

Their official website is located at

SöuR is coming out of the club scene in Los Angeles, Sativa and Clint have always shared the schizophrenic sensibilities of club kids who love rock. Big, mean, ugly, fuzzy, tuned-down and folding-over-itself, distorted rock. From their “Horribly Adorable” theatrical band, Daisyface, they have grown into a style that still keeps one eye on indie rock, one eye on the dance floor and one eye on the electronic metal that got them moving in the first place. Their third eye is owned by DD. Master of the riff, and convinced that “shredding is back,” DD keeps the club kids from spinning out into space.

Drum and bass DJ from Bucharest, Romania. The alias "Sour" was born out of graffiti somewhere in 2007. A year later while he was listening to music on the internet, he stumbled upon for the first time over drum and bass. He fell in love instantly with this kind of music and started increasingly attending dedicated parties belonging to this genre. He began his activity as a DJ in 2012, beeing oftenly invited to (dnb) parties. He chose this path, out of the desire to always keep his audience electrified, through increasingly richer sets. In 2014 he had the oportunity to mix at the Arena dnb, for celebrating 10 years of Dub Police (a respected label from the stage) alongside artists such as Caspa, Brookes Brothers and Ethic.

Currently he is practicing intensely for refining his own style, specifically histechnique, following that along the way he will start producing on his own. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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