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Released 2016
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There are at least 10 artists sharing the name Ariel:

1. Ariel was a dance act featuring Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers on drum machines and samplers. They first formed in London featuring Rowlands and his school friends Brendan Melck and Matt Berry, before he moved to Manchester. Sally Anne Marsh (previously of 1990s girl band Faith, Hope And Charity and vocalist on Xpansions’ ‘Elevation (Move Your Body)’ single) joined the group on vocals. Their first single was called ‘Sea Of Beats’, followed by ‘Rollercoaster/Mustn’t Grumble’ and ‘Let It Slide’. The band were previously known as Atom for one single. Similar in sound to Intastella/One Dove/Saint Etienne.

2, Aussies know ARIEL as a late 70’s Australian band formed from the remnants of Spectrum, who still perform locally.

3. ARIEL also is a Reggaeton Artist from Cayey, Puerto Rico, Ariel Omar Rivera, born 1987. His Label is Gold Star Music, one of his biggest Hits so far maybe “Eje”.

4. ARIEL is also the name of a very active American rock band out of San Francisco, that achieved worldwide airplay and over 300,000 downloads of “Wartime President Song”—a humorous anti-war parody making fun of George W. Bush. In January 2007, ARIEL released its fourth CD on JENPET Records (, entitled SURE THING, YOU BET!, with songs such as “Halfway to Harris,” “Church of the Cosmic Cookie,” “Crank Up the Victrola” and “El Dorado Gold.”

5. ARIEL is the name of a Finnish christian musician Ariel Neulaniemi. He released one troubadour album titled ‘Peilikuva’ before gathering a band Ariel & Supremos around him.

6. Ariel is the name of an 80s rock group from New York State.

7. Ariel is a rock band from Quebec, Canada

8. Nazril Irham or more popularly known as Ariel or Ariel Peterpan (born in Langkat Regency, North Sumatra, 16 September 1981) is an Indonesian musician. He is the lead singer vocalist of multiplatinum band peterpan.

9. Ariel is a character of Walt Disney Pictures' 28th animated film The Little Mermaid.

10. Frontwoman of Icon For Hire, full name Ariel Bloomer.

11. Kate Sproule (formerly known as Bo Rocha) is currently using the artist name Ariel. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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