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Henri Hurtig AKA Cid Inc is fraying a feverish path within the electronic dance music industry. Born in Finland and raised in Sweden, he started fiddling with music tools from the early 90's. His reach towards music has been a patient quest within multiple genres until reached the House genre as a base for his productions.

With way over a decade behind him as a sound engineer, Henri is well known as a person knowing his way around in the studio as a mastering / mixing professional.

With a long list of achievements, Henri aspires to his first solo project, Cid Inc, with flourishing musical maturity. First release in 2008 on the prominent label Dyami, the "Sister" EP defined cutting edge tech / prog house filled with creativity and sensation. Followed by a dozen of releases, both originals and remixes during 2008, Henri has proved that he is here to stay with his solo project.

Teaming up with Matias Bradler to create Mashtronic in 2004, their music has spread world-wide throughout productions and gigs. Their forward thinking progressive sounds have been praised around major club dancefloors with their world tours. The duo's cuts have been featured on many famous labels such as Alternative Route, Restart, Bedrock, Global Underground, MOS and many more. The name Mashtronic has also been alongside many remixes for the likes of John Digweed, Chable and Bonicci, Sonique, Dave Armstrong and Pole Folder, Mason.

His projects has taken him around the world as a DJ and Live performer. From South America, across Europe all the way to Australia and New Zealand.

With constant renewal and feel, Cid Inc is leading a path towards the top music-wise. Whether producing under different duos or Cid Inc, Henri has already gathered world-wide reputation for his intriguing and astounding sounds surprising djs and dancefloors alike. Voted as #5 most popular Scandinavian ( Nordic ) DJ in 2008 year so 2009 looks very promising for him, including lots of new original releases and remixes followed with Dj and live performances around the globe. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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