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Elaine Palmer hails from an isolated village up on the North Yorkshire Moors. Growing up in the wilds of Yorkshire Elaine surrounded herself by music, writing songs, playing the piano, guitar and singing. Once Elaine started to play live, she finely honed her own voice and built a reputation for her emotive mesmerizing stage presence. Elaine soon started touring, sharing a stage with the likes of David Gray and Ryan Adams.

After seeing her play live Inspiral Carpet’s Clint Boon invited Elaine to record at his home studio, the culmination of this would turn out to be her debut album, Into the Spotlight. Elaine continued to tour extensively playing with a host of successful artists including Paolo Nutini and KT Tunstall.

Elaine's success continued receiving airplay on Radio 2 by Bob Harris and fantastic reviews from MOJO, UNCUT, Maverick, R2.

Elaine’s music picked up the pace a little when she started performing with a band in the UK and then the States. Her material developed as she became influenced by the great female singer- songwriters she performed with along the way…. Joanna Newsom, Patty Griffin, Jesca Hoop, Dark Dark Dark. She then released a live studio album, Fire and Flames to great critical acclaim.

Elaine’s work has textures of New Country yet very authentic and edgy. Her album Show me the Way was more complete with layers of vocals, electrics and pedal steel. The lyrics more mature, and the songs well crafted, receiving radio airplay in UK and USA.

Elaine’s latest record, Still Life released on her own label Mill House Records 2017 is a collection of haunting songs reflecting on lost souls, telling stories of ghosts and legends. Elaine plays electric guitar mostly with some piano, beautiful textures of pedal steel and cello, layering her vocals with emotive delivery. Still Life was playlisted by British Airways on all their flights Worldwide and received masses of airplay from USA stations reaching the Top 10 in the Indie Charts.

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