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Futurecop! was founded by Manzur Iqbal from Manchester, United Kingdom, in 2007, when he started with absolutely no knowledge about music production and wanted to create a sound inspired by his nostalgia, 80s teen flicks, especially the movies of John Hughes and Sci-fi cartoons like Transformers or Thundercats, to films such as The Sandlot and Mighty Ducks 2. Not caring about being different or trying to be commercial, even though the music might as well be called pop music. Peter Carrol from London teamed up with him and together they are now recreating the atmosphere and vibe of the soundtracks to the best 80s and early 90s movies that never existed.

Internet attention (Fluokids, Hipster Runoff, Discodust, Big Stereo, Discobelle) gained Futurecop! followers, and an EP Release with Southern Fried and IHEARTCOMIX along with support from scenestars like Diplo, Crystal Castles and the late DJ Am boosted the group. Fans ultimately clamored for their performances worldwide, including shows at Miami WMC 2009, SXSW 2009, Pleskin Festival 2010 and The Big Chill Festival 2009. Remixes of their popular tracks “N.A.S.A” and “Transformers,” including a mix by The Hood Internet, garnered Futurecop! additional acclaim.

After last year’s production hit on Green Label Sound single “Hum Drum Town” with vocalist Theophilus London and comparisons to groups like Chromeo, Futurecop! are poised to take over global dance floors with their indie-pop retro electro anthems.

In 2010 - 2012, they continued to wow audiences from Los Angeles to Athens with their energizing synthesized dance parties.

Futurecop! will release a new album in 2014. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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