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Production on a high level of sound till Ice takes over the speakers. 20 years Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Performing, and Editing for the General public's pleasure. Eye's bleed with desire and fear of a full length Hip-Hop Masterpiece comes out of the piles of kits. What can be felt cannot be seen without a .wav pad because we are never afraid of that next moment. In yourself is where Hip-Hop lives. Live for yourself first.

Born in 1980 Ill Smith came into this world as Ian. With a violent and inquisitive childhood, Ian became really interested in a new Music called Hip-Hop. The name Ill came from a joke once told by his brother Sean Hampton. On this day in 1986 Ill was created and a long history MC's. Spending his childhood in Roth, Germany. Ill began his training to become the greatest of the greatest MC's and has appeared in numerous cities across the United States, living earlier years in the New Orleans, LA area and the Tacoma/ Seattle area.

In 1996 Ill began a professional Hip-Hop Career in the suburbs of Tacoma/ Seattle in a group named E.W.P. modeled after the famed group Earth Wind and Fire. Substituting fire for Pimpin' and taking the name E. Pimpin'(Producer/MC) the beginning of E.w.w. in the street was born, to be truthful Ill doesn't give a damn what you call him. He just wants to make the best music.

Many years have passed are there are many who still wish to learn the Ill ways, but Eww will stand Eternally as the force to drive Hip-Hop to it's greatest destination and bring Peace to the World, the Original Ill Smith.

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