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Jeff Bennett is a name of at least two artists:

[1] A pseudonym of Malmö, Sweden producer Michał Mirecki
[2] A pseudonym of US voice actor Jeffrey Glen Bennett

[1] A pseudonym of Malmö producer Michał Mirecki (b. 1975 in Warsaw, Poland - formerly Mike Pung), who moved to Malmö in 1981.

Mirecki has been involved in electronic music since 1992, beginning in his bedroom, then evolved into a habit. He started creating music in 1994 and got hooked on it directly, but it took until 1998 before his first single was to come out on his own label, Maskros.

Mirecki's first album as Jeff Bennett was Puzzling Thoughts (May 2003, Episode) and the next was Endwise (Mar 2006, Plastic City).

Mirecki has released over 50 singles on labels including: Poker Flat, Episode, Treibstoff, Intristc Design, Konvex Konkav, Jamayka, Morris Audio and Regular.

In 1994 he and a partner opened a record store called Cosmic One Records that became the first electronic record store in Malmoe. With the opening of the record store the DJ career got a boost and he started playing on various venues.

A year after the store was opened Jeff & his record store partner Jim Groovy
started making their own one-off parties and clubs in various sizes.

His longest residency was in a house club called Thank God It's Friday were he played almost every Friday for over a year. He has played at clubs & parties like: Fabric (London), Otto zutz (The edge, Barcelona), Fusion festival 2002 (Germany), Ostgut (Berlin), Terrys cafe (Frankfurt), Polartv (Berlin) + many more.....

In 1996 Jeff & Jim started their first label Azurite records. Jeff started his own label Maskros Music in 1998. And the year 2000 two new labels called Phunctional & Kung fu dub we're started by Jeff. At this point all those labels have gone into the history books exept Kung Fu Dub who is up and running again digitally.

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[2] A pseudonym of US voice actor Jeffrey Glen Bennett (b. 2 Oct 1962), his releases include "What Can a Bird Do?".

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