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There are at least seven artists/bands that go by the name Kinetic. Click read more to see them all.

1) An independent band from Nampa, Idaho. Kinetic was formed in 2003, and performed their first show in November 2004. The members are Tyler Farling (vocals, piano, guitar), Aaron Strawser (vocals, piano, guitar), and Nate Strawser (drums). Kinetic has released two four song EPs, 'Where We Left Off' in 2005, and "Energy" in 2006. Check them out on facebook:!/pages/Kinetic/6235593001

2) A thrash/death metal band from Greece. The line-up is S. Betinis (bass, vocals/ex-Acid Death), S. Bonikos and M. Mammas (guitars, both ex-Brainfade), K. Alexakis (drums), V. Kakarougas (keyboards) and Maria-Melissa Routi (vocals). Releases: (2003) Soul | Emotion | Flesh (demo), (2004) The Chains That Bind Us (Sleaszy Rider Recs), (2007) Corrosion (Burning Star Recs).

3) A sound designer, engineer, producer, club DJ, and turntablist based in Vancouver Canada.

4) A drum 'n' bass producer who released his track "Mirage" on the new Defcom compilation "Two Swords" mixed by Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch

5) A rock band from Washington, D.C. with funk and jazz influences. Formed in 2009, Kinetic released their first album Get Your Heavy Load Off My Pack Mule in 2011.

6) American rapper from 90s.

7) Japanese electric duo by Hiroki Chiba and Masatsugu Hattori. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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