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If there’s something KULTÜR has learnt through all the years he’s been into this Breakbeat thing, is enjoying an electronic movement that has roots in several countries, through many different Break Scenes. For this reason, his idea of doing the KULTURA BREAKZ show now, is with an intention of offering that range of scenes to all the audience of iBreaks. Something like showing how big is this sonic culture.

KULTÜR is not going to bore you telling his professional career with the turntables and his achievements through his productions, but indeed he’s gonna invite you to enjoy the 120 minutes he’s offering in iBreaks. If you want to know about the Breakbeat which is been created all over the world these days, or if you want to recall great his from the past, or just have fun with any of the Breaks monographics he’s making… you only have to connect to iBreaks any time KULTURA BREAKZ is on the air. And if you want to know when…you just have to check iBreaks’ weekly timetable.

For more info on KULTÜR visit his website: www.djkultur.com

(Spanish translation)


Si algo ha aprendido KULTÜR en todos los años que lleva en esto del Breakbeat es disfrutar de un movimiento electrónico que tiene arraigo en varios países, a través de diferentes Escenas Breaks. Por ese mismo motivo su idea de realizar actualmente el show KULTURA BREAKZ es con la intención de ofrecer esa variedad a todos los oyentes de iBreaks. Algo así como mostrar lo grande que es toda esta cultura sónica.

KULTÜR no va a aburriros contando aquí su historia profesional tras los platos (turntables) y sus logros a través de sus producciones, pero si os va a invitar a que disfrutéis de los 120 minutos que os ofrece en iBreaks. Si queréis conocer el Breakbeat que se crea alrededor de mundo en estos días o queréis recordar grandes clásicos del pasado o queréis pasar un buen rato con alguno de los monográficos Breaks que os ofrecerá ... sólo teneís que conectaros a iBreaks cada vez que KULTURA BREAKZ esté en antena. Y para saber cuando... sólo tenéis que consultar la programación semanal de iBreaks.

Si quieres saber más sobre KULTÜR visita su website : www.djkultur.com Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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