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Max Essa has been active as a DJ and producer since the early 90s, initially releasing music on labels such as Warp Records and Paperecordings and DJing alongside the infamous D.i.Y Sound System.

His later work, for labels like Is It Balearic? Recordings, went on to be play-listed by the likes of Andrew Weatherall and the late David Mancuso, gaining him a devoted following and DJ bookings around the world.

Albums for the Japanese major label, Victor Entertainment ('Vacations Never Taken' 2015) and Music For Dreams ('Lanterns' 2018), plus EPs for the Italian label, Hell Yeah! Recordings and a constant stream of remixes, have shown him to be a deeply imaginative and prolific producer.

2019 sees Max continue his hectic weekly DJ schedule in Tokyo, as well as playing the length and breadth of Japan. Releases are scheduled this year for Hell Yeah! Recordings, Palms & Charms, and Jansen Jardin.

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