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Artist bio

There are various artists who use the name Miro.

1) Mads Arp & Steen Thøttrup has released records by the name Miro since 1990. Appeared on more than 250 compilations, released 50 x 12" on labels such as Hooj Choons, Effective Records & Skyline Records. Appeared on Cafe del Mar more than 10 times and released tunes such as Emotions of Paradise, The One I Run To and By Your Side. www.miromusic.com

2)Miro(slav) Pajic: Along with Marc Acardipane (the Mover) he has released on most of the PCP- internal labels with more than a dozen of different aliases. Up to date he can count around 70 vinyl releases. As a part of Planet Core Productions / Dance Ecstasy 2001 Pozzee-. Miro has written a few mentionable pieces of modern rhythm and sound.
Aliases: Billy The Kid, Bold Bob, David Popperfield, Destination (4), E-Cowboy, E-Man (2), Evidence, Frozen, Jack Lucifer, M1 (5), Miro, Miro Pajic, Overlord, The, Rat Of Doom, Reign, S.O., Steve Shit, Stickhead, Hypnotizer. In groups: Cold Rush City Cru, Die Greyyyys, Kotzaak Klan, The, Nordcore G.M.B.H., Superpower, Tschabos

3) Miro is also the name of a Croatian pop/jazz/funk/soul singer, full name Miro Tabak. His debut album Virovat U Nas was released in 2006.

4) Miro is also a french singer born as Gian Marco Miroglio.he produces 3 albums "La voix du vaurien", "En plein vol", "Le vainqueur jaloux"

5) Miro (or Миро, the latter being the correct tag): a member of the Bulgarian duet КариZма. Miro started a solo career in 2007, releasing the original singles "Nyakoga predi" (A While Ago), "Zavinagi" (Forever), and the album "Omirotvoren" (Омиротворен/Peaceful) in 2008, with the single "Gubya kontrol kogato" (Губя Контрол Когато/I Lose Control When). Miro will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2010 in Norway.
www.omirotvoren.info www.miro.bg

6) MiRO is also the name of an unsigned brazilian singer-songwriter.

7) Miro is also a german neoclassical pianist. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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