MJ Hibbett & The Validators

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Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez

Released 2009
© NaN MJ Hibbett

This Is Not A Library

Released 2003
© NaN Artists Against Success

Say It With Words

Released 1999
© NaN Artists Against Success

Artist bio

MJ Hibbett & The Validators was formed in 1999 and currently has the following members:-
*Emma Pattison
*Frankie Machine (Almanacs, White Town)
*Mark Hibbett (MJ Hibbett, also of Chris Lawson And The Unknowns, The Council, Durham Ox Singers, Finnegan's Wake, The Fabians, The K-Stars, The Masters Of Nothing and Voon)
*Tim Pattison (also of The Council, Ludd Gang, Prolapse, and The Fabians)
*Tom McClure (also of Leicester Symphony Orchestra, The Chemistry Experiment, and Lazarus Clamp)

In the past, the following people have also been involved:-
*Dave Dixey (Durham Ox pub in Leicester and Sorted Records)
*Kev Reverb (Crazyhead)
*Neil Brown (22 Metre Band, Bungalow Bill, The Council, Durham Ox Singers, John Sims, Ludd Gang, The Fabians and Voon)
*Rob Fleay (Airport Girl)

MJ Hibbett and The Validators came to widespread online notice in 2000 with the first Internet single, Hey Hey 16K, an ode to the ZX Spectrum and other home microcomputers of the 1980s. Two million people downloaded the video in the first week. In 2004 he gained national exposure in the UK on BBC Radio 1 by regularly singing The Fair Play Trophy (again), a song whose lyrics were updated for each rendition to reflect the then-ongoing events of the football European Championships. In July 2006, the band played a BBC Radio 1 session for Steve Lamacq.

The Gay Train video is available here.
Hey Hey 16K, including the video, is available here.

Last.FM seems to have combined "MJ Hibbett" with "MJ Hibbett and the Validators", and lost the link with MusicBrainz.org, therefore here are links from MusicBrainz.org:-
* MusicBrainz
* Official Homepage
* Wikipedia
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