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1.) - Mojo is a 20 year old producer from Sheffield, U.K.
Picking up his first chord at the ripe age of 6, he has been bouncing between genres for 4 – 5 years now, and has within the last two years moved to Dubstep. With support from the likes of Funtcase, Cookie Monsta & Plastician, and a monster remix of Psyman's "Drama", he is splurging onto the scene with his enchanting riffs and gritty basslines.

Taking influence from artists such as 16Bit & Burial, Mojo likes to combine shiver-inducing melodies with face-morphing bass. Currently creating a mountain of material he plans to unleash in the near future, you'd better keep an eye on him.

2.) - Mojo Aka Johnatan Aharon. is a psychadelic trance artist. He started his way with Alternative and Punk and chemically got into Electronica like the best of them.

3.) - Tapestry, the explosive debut release from the L.A.-based band MOJO is sure to excite fans of intense, melodic instrumental rock fusion! This trailblazing power trio features Kofi Baker (son of drumming legend, Ginger Baker), guitarist Brett Garsed (Garsed & Helmerich, John Farnham, Bobby Rock and Nelson ) and bassist Ricc Fierabracci (Frank Gambale, Steve Smith, Andy Summers and Yanni). Tapestry combines well crafted original songs with spirited improvisation and interplay captured in a "live in the studio" context.

Kofi Baker establishes a solid presence throughout the record with his use of polyrhythmic textures and incredible technique. Baker anchors the rhythm section while making strong individual percussive statements in each tune. He is a drumming force to be reckoned with and continues the journey to creativity in the spirit of his father's work with Cream. The phenomenal Brett Garsed shines on every track. His fluid style is distinct and recognizable. Comfortable and assured, Garsed knows when to lay back and when to assault, demonstrating his maturity and position as a first-rate guitarist. Ricc Fierabracci's compelling bass playing stands out in this musical showcase built to display his unique approach and melodic technique. He ties it all together while making the bass sing.

All three musicians combine to create a rich musical landscape while redefining the word "virtuoso." Prepare to be fully engaged and captivated. ( Paranormal Records)

4.) - Ichiro Tomita better known as MoJo is a Japanese folk singer and anime song singer who has performed on the soundtracks of various anime and tokusatsu series and movies. He is perhaps best known as the vocalist for the theme songs for Battle Fever J, Dai Sentai Goggle V, Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, Seiun Kamen Machineman, Albegas, and performed image songs for various series.
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