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RT-Zed was founded in 2000 by Steve Grantley, drummer of legendary Irish Punk band Stiff Little Fingers. A keen songwriter & vocalist, Grantley recruited fellow musican & engineer John Magna and recorded the band's first album 'Return To Zero'. Various one off gigs throughout the next few years followed.

In 2003 RT-Zed contribute their version of The Clash classic 'Guns Of Brixton' to a Clash Tribute album. In 2005 the master tapes for 'Return To Zero' were mistakenly destroyed following a request from the record company to produce a remix album.

The band's second album 'Honour The Barbarian' was recorded in 2006; another collaboration between Grantley and Magna. Shortly after, the record company went bust and the album was never released. In 2010 John Magna disappeared without warning. After a harrowing ordeal in a controlling relationship he returned as mysteriously as he left. He now provides promo material for the group.

Eager to move forward, Grantley recruited guitar playing friend Jonesy and throughout 2011 set about recording RT-Zed's third album 'Zed Hed'. In the same year RT-Zed's version of Ramones classic 'Blitzkrieg Bop' is chosen to appear in a documentary movie about The Ramones due for release in 2012.
After critical acclaim, solid album sales plus a hit single from the album 'Room No 5' Grantley and Jones have played more one-off shows. Now in 2015 RT-Zed and are preparing a new collection of songs - tentatively names FUNK PUNK.

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