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British dance-pop outfit, State of Grace was formed in the early '90s by classically trained vocalist Sarah Simmonds and guitarist Paul Arnall. The group debuted in England with a string of danceable singles that were largely reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins' dreamy, melodic pop. The first of these singles, "Camden," appeared in 1992, and was followed by "Love Pain and Passion" and "Miss You," all of which were later included on a compilation of singles and rarities titled Pacific Motion. In 1993, they released the Hello EP, to moderate critical response. By the mid-'90s, they struggled to keep up with the changes in the U.K.'s dance community and strayed from their club roots with Jamboreepop, which was issued on RCA in 1996. With Jamboreepop, State of Grace tried to accentuate the pop elements of their former work without as much of the dance elements that dominated their earlier music. By and large, this effort failed and the standout singles on Jamboreepop were songs that retread familiar territory, like the eight-minute remix of their 1992 single "Carmen." Though considered by some as a standout amongst British dance-pop, the record was seldom noticed outside of the club circuit. Everyone Else's Universe followed on 3rd StoneZ in 1997.

by Nate Cavalieri
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