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Taking Time [Part 2]

Released 2010
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Released 2006
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Tone Depth (aka The Greek) was born in Montreal in 1976 and soon after moved with his family to the island of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Tony began playing guitar at the age of 11, while living in Bahrain. After moving to Cyprus at the age of 14, he discovered that country's club scene, where local DJs played out some of the latest house music coming out of Britain and America. These early encounters marked the beginning of what would be a life-long love affair with the driving rhythms and primal energy of house music. After a brief stint at Ryerson University in Toronto in 1994, Tony returned to Montreal and enrolled at the Musitechnic School, where he was instructed in basic production and digital recording techniques. He then went on to build his own studio and spent several years creating television scores for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and private broadcaster YTV.

During these formative years Tony focused most of his time towards producing many different types of music. His original intention being to produce electronic atmospheric music for his guitar based compositions. His productions under the guise "Terminal 4" featured Montreal vocal talent Melissa Glover and himself playing guitar over dubbed out excursions into Drum and Bass and Trip Hop. In 1998 Tony played a part time role in Quicksound, a local band which specialized in live percussive tribal house. At this point he began producing house music for fun and eventually took up DJing. As things progressed Tony slowly began shifting his focus more towards producing progressive house and eventually signed his first track to Sporadic Groove records in Boston.

By 2000 Tony began to take things a bit more seriously and ended up heading down to the Miami winter music conference to promote his new material and gain some exposure. A chance meeting with Paul Oakenfeld in the Miami airport resulted into being his first original production for Sporadic Groove Records being selected for the legendary Djs hugely successful Another World album. Further collaboration with Oakenfold led to many more opportunities. By the spring of 2001 thing really started to pick up. With his release "Rumblefish" on John Digweed's well respected imprint Bedrock, Tone Depth was becoming to be one of the next young rising talents on the scene. Having to juggle remixing, production and DJing Tony finally decided to make House music his full time occupation. In winter 2001 Tone Depth teamed up with Montreal colleague Sultan. Their first production, "Sagres," featuring singer Stephanie Vezina, was signed by Alola Records and was soon licensed for Trendroid's "Transport 6"compilation.

Later that year Deep Dish fell under the spell of the duos irresistable rhythms and chose their "Rezin" and "Wadi" productions for the "Toronto" edition of its Global Underground series(their track Wadi also landed a spot on Paul Oakenfold's Creamfields Compilation). Deep Dish ended up signing Tony to their record label as "The Greek" an alias he reserves exclusively for Yoshitoshi releases. "Alive," a solo track by Tone Depth under the alias The Greek, and a joint remix of "Flying" (Valentino) are also featured on this widely-acclaimed album.

Now in 2005 Tone Depth is working harder than ever. Back in the studio after a long touring schedule in 2004, Tone Depths latest production "To The Moon" featuring Montreal rock vocalist Matt Shapiro is to be featured on Dave Seaman's next Renaissance compilation coming out this march. Tone Depth has also teamed up with Sultan again on a track called "Moments" which features on Tiesto's "In Search Of Sunrise 4".

Whether with Sultan or as a one-man act, Tone Depth (alias The Greek) has now contributed to more than twenty productions on various labels including Yoshitoshi, Bedrock, Perfecto, Alola, Ready Mix, Swift, Tao Records, and many others. As well as being extremely active in the studio, he continues to DJ with regular, high-energy sets at such world-renowned clubs as Stereo (Montreal), Bliss (Jakarta) and Venue (Greece). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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