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Adiss Harmandian is an Armenian pop singer, born in Lebanon but now residing in Los Angeles, CA.

Adiss Harmandian is considered by many as a pioneer of Armenian pop songs internationally (known as Armenian "estradayin" music) . Some say the whole Armenian "estradayin" movement started with the big Adiss Harmandian hit "Nouné".

He continued on the momentum created by "Nouné" with another world Armenian hit "Karoun Karoun", covered by many other singers, including a recent collaboration Adiss Harmandian made with Andy.

He recently was given the highest Armenian Mesrob Mashdots Medalion (Prince) title for his 40 years of work. Adiss currently has around 30 albums. He has been a great song writer and composer who still travels all around the world keeping the Armenian pop songs alive

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