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100 Keys (feat. San Quinn, Celly Cel & Missippi)
Above The Law (feat. Hwy Foe, Missippi & San Quinn)
Ain't About Shit (feat. It's Peez & Hwy Foe)
Ain't No Game (feat. Hwy Foe, Red Eyez & Louie Loc)
Always On Our Grind (feat. Lil Raider & San Quinn)
Bay Waters Run Deep
Be A Criminal (feat. Lil Raider & San Quinn)
Beatin Up Tha Block (feat. San Quinn & Lil Raider)
Big Boy Recipe
Black Balled
Cali life Rider (feat. San Quinn, Telly Mac & Zone 28 Grams)
Came Along Way (feat. Hwy Foe & Cuzino)
Change Your Life
Chasin Revenue (feat. Hwy Foe)
Counting Money In My Sleep
Cut the Grass (feat. Zone 28 Grams & Nicole)
Definition Of Bosses (feat. Shadow & Lil Raider)
Dirty Delta$
Family (feat. Zone 28 Grams & KingCydal)
Feel Alright (feat. Hwy Foe)
Forever Thuggin' (feat. San Quinn, King Cydal & Celly Cel)
H Town to the Bay
H Town to the Bay, Pt. 2
Hear The Sounds (feat. Zone 28 Grams, Hwy Foe & Missippi)
Heard About (feat. Hwy Foe & King Cydal)
I Can Careless (feat. Hwy Foe)
It's on (feat. Lil Raider, Shadow & MoJack Daniels)
Known Me Now (feat. Lil Raider)
Livin This Cali Life (feat. King Cydal, Lil Raider & Young Chop)
Living The Life (feat. A-Wax)
Moving To Fast (feat. San Quinn)
My Sixty 4 (feat. Celly Cel, Cuddy, San Quinn & Missippi)
Never Had Before (feat. Hwy Foe & Peez)
No Broke Around Me (feat. Hwy Foe)
No Limit (feat. San Quinn & Hwy Foe)
Part of Me (feat. Joi Starz & Telly 100)
Power Couple (feat. San Quinn, Missippi & Iyesha)
Smoke Weed (feat. Hwy Foe)
Success (feat. Zone 28 Grams, Missippi, San Quinn & Telly Mac)
Summer Time
Texas 2 The Yoc (feat. Zone 28 Grams & Hwy Foe)
The Bag (feat. Hwy Foe & Peez)
Thru Tha Rain (feat. Missippi & Hwy Foe)
West Coast All Stars
Wifey (feat. Boroc)
Yoc Legacy

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