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1. K-Tee is a Dallas rapper who is known for his hit "Boogie Thru Da Doe"

2. Shogun Audio co-owner Keir Tyrer (AKA - K-Tee) is truly one of the original D'n'B soldiers. With over 16 years in the Drum ‘n' Bass game and over 80 releases under his belt K-Tee’s story is similar to many in that he took a typical route listening to the sounds of early hip hop before moving to the ‘rave’ sound in the early 90’s. .. .. K-Tee’s first forays into the world of music production were as part of a hip hop collective with a number of school mates, K-Tee would create beats on an Amiga computer and the other members of the crew would come up with the rhymes. Although many tunes were made, no material was released and it was not until K-Tee started working seriously with long time friend Stakka in 1992 that any serious moves were actually made. .. .. ‘Ruffneck Ragga’ became the first Stakka & K-Tee release, on south London label Just Dance Recordings. Following this initial success the next batch of recordings was picked up by the legendary Ant Miles. He invited the promising producers into the studio to mix the tracks down for release on Liftin’ Spirits in ‘94. Those first two tracks ‘Brockin Out’ and ‘Serious Intention’ set the tone for the next few years and followed into 9 releases on Ram / Liftin Spirit labels most notably ‘Orange Sunshine’ from the first Ram LP ‘The Speed of Sound’ and the Andy C collaboration ‘Danger Zone’. .. .. By ’96 Stakka had setup Audio Blueprint and Underfire record labels and over the next few years K-Tee had a number of releases on these labels. It was during this period that K-Tee linked with local producers DJ Friction and NuBalance who were brought into the Underfire family. .. .. Following the demise of Underfire and Audio blueprint records in the year 2000 K-Tee continued to work with Stakka, Friction and NuBalance under the guise of the Militia. During this period the crew released a number of tracks on various labels including the seminal 'Electrolux' and 'Paranioa' on Hardware Recordings. .. .. As time progressed K-Tee began working ever closer with DJ Friction who was by now a close friend. Their first release “Immortal” on Charge recordings in 2002 cemented the working relationship and led to a number of releases on labels such as CIA and Hardware. It was only a matter of time before Friction developed his own label, Shogun Audio which then become the main outlet for Friction & K-Tee productions, including the massive 2007 dance floor anthem 'Back To Your Roots'. .. .. Scroll forward to to 2008.....K-Tee and Friction are now business partners and joint owners of the new Shogun Audio Ltd Group incorporating their publishing arm 'Temple Publishing'. With the record label going from strength to strength, and recent releases on Hospital, Metalheadz and the recent remix of Dan Le Sac vs Scrubulous Pip's 'Thou Shalt Always Kill' K-Tee is busier than ever and 2009 is shaping up to be the year that Shogun Audio fully comes of age! Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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