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Released 2019
© Liquicity Records

Go / Coming Down

Released 2019
© Liquicity Records

Hold On / Never Again

Released 2012
© control

Ghost Assassin EP

Released 2012
© control

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Maduk, 26 years old and living in Amsterdam, is one of the most promising new talents in the Drum & Bass scene. Fresh off winning the "Best Newcomer Producer" (2014) and "Best Newcomer DJ" award at the prestigious Drum & Bass Arena Awards, Maduk proves to have a worldwide range of support. Signed exclusively to Hospital Records and with releases on labels such as Viper, UKF, Fokuz, Allsorts and his own Liquicity Records (which he co-runs with fellow Dutchman, Maris Goudzwaard) this youngster is just getting started!

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