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1) Formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2000, Scarlet are a technical metalcore band who also utilize electronic elements. They released the EP 'Breaking the Dead Stare' in 2000 which was followed in 2003 by the more complex and experimental 'Something to Lust About' shortly after signing to Ferret Music. They released the concept album 'Cult Classic' in 2004 before deciding to call it a day.

However, in 2005, the group re-united with a revised line up to release 'This Was Always Meant to Fall Apart'. Thier last lineup consisted of Andreas Magnusson (Drums/Electronics), Brandon Roundtree (Vocals), Randy Vanderbilt (Guitar/Vocals) and Bryan Tolbert (Guitar).

The band called it quits permanently after Roundtree (vocals) left the band in early 2007.

However their myspace hints slightly that this break may not be permanent.

2) Scarlet was a UK duo from Hull. They originally consisted of Cheryl Parker (vocals, guitar) and Jo Youle (piano, keyboards, vocals). The group had a third member, Joanne Fox, but she left before the band had any major success.

The band had their first UK hit with "Independent Love Song" (UK #12) in 1995 featured in the film "Bed of Roses," which was followed by their album Naked (UK #53). The group's second UK single "I Wanna Be Free (To Be With Him)" became a minor hit (UK #21), but the next single "Love Hangover" flopped (UK #54).

In 1996, Scarlet issued a new single "Bad Girl", but this also stalled at #54. The album Chemistry missed the top 75 completely, and it was after this relative failure that WEA dropped the band and they went their separate ways.

3) Defunct Sydney band who recently reemerged as Luxury. Released an EP called "Siren" (1993) and one album called "Magnolia" (1995).

4) Scarlet is a Chinese jazz singer, from the record label TIS (Treasure Island), singing famous jazz standards.

5) Scarlet is an American post-rock, progressive, alternative, and acoustic band based out of St. Louis, MO. Current members are Jeremy Tripp, Katy Durrwachter, Jon Todd, John Pecher, and Ben May. Scarlet can be found easiest at and on at They are expected to release their debut EP in 2009. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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