The Pretty Littles

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Artist bio

The Pretty Littles are an Indie Rock Band from Melbourne, Australia.

We are a band. That is for sure. We arent a foreshore. Although they can be good places for bands to play. On a foreshore, that is. I'd see a band on a foreshore for sure. We havent played on a foreshore. One time were kinda close to St Kilda foreshore, but strictly speaking we weren't actually on the foreshore. So thats a bit of a bummer i suppose. If anyone has a foreshore we can play on we'd do it. For sure.

We did a CD and mumma is the first song we decided to put here. Not sure why. It was the first song Rudie finished mixing. That's probably why. Yeah, in hindsight, that is probably the reason. The CD is called I Am Not From A Small Town and its because we are not from a small town. Nargh. Its not about us. Or is it. We're not from a small town, but its not about us. Or is it. Yeah it probably is. Na its not. Is. not.

is. (not)

Here is an interview we did with Richard Kingsmill:

Richard: So you guys are pretty fresh on the scene, eh?

Jack: Yeah, you’re spot on there Richard, fresh indeed.

Richard: Your songs are shit-hot.

Jack: Thanks! That means a lot coming from the King.

Richard: Can I buy and EP?

Jack: Rich, can I call you rich?

Richard: Absolutely not.

Jack: Maybe when we become better friends?

Richard: Absolutely.

Jack: Great, as I was saying, yeah you can buy an EP, but you know what? I like your swagger Kingsmill. You went to two nirvana gigs. Two more than us. Have one for free.

Richard: You can call me Rich.

Jack: Hold me.

Richard: What?

Jack: ... Nothing

Richard: Did you say hold me?

Jack: (pause) No (begins weeping)

Richard: I fear the awkwardness of this wont translate to a manuscript. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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